Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Computer

Hi there

I got up early and was at the computer shop by 8 15 am, all set for battle in the famous Boxing Day sales.  The shop had opened at eight and was crowded already.  The assistants were all on a high and flitting from customer to customer like adrenalin-fuelled bumble bees.

I bought a  little laptop that I have yet to master without being petrified that each thing I do on it is going to be responsible for Terrible Things Happening.  Yesterday i got a computer guy in to set it up.  I swear he was speaking to me in an alien tongue;  is computer-speak registered as a foreign language?  It should be.

So, instead of writing today's blog on my spanking-new laptop, I am one-finger typing this on my Kindle tablet. Talk about a coward's way out  ....?

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