Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bright is Right?

Hi there

I love wearing bright colours.  I do so hate walking into a clothing shop in winter and seeing racks of blacks, browns, and navy.  I am immediately depressed.

Today, I wore an orange jacket with a red shoulder bag.  Older folk might still consider this colour combination an abomination, but I felt so happy bouncing down the street.  Summer was here,  I could break out in a rainbow of colours!

When I started work at sixteen, I wore a green dress with huge blue poppies all over the skirt.  Everybody commented on my daring to wear blue and green together.  The saying went "Blue and green, never seen".

Any hint of silver or gold could not be worn until evening, and as my mother was prone to quote  "If you wear green, you'll wear black" - meaning that you would soon hear of a death.  In hind-sight, I wonder if this saying has something to do with the troubles in Northern Ireland?; how sad if, by the nineteen-sixties, it had turned into a fashion statement?.

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