Monday, December 21, 2015


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A few kilometres from Ohope (I stayed at Ohope a couple of weeks ago) is the town of Whakatane.  For a Koha (donation), I hired a bicycle from the I-Site Visitor Information Office and rode along the  shared walkway that meandered beside the water .  One half of the walkway was in a more rural area.  I saw folk walking dogs, there was a bunny rabbit, a Japanese garden, and beautiful horses.  In the other direction, there were fishing boats, sculptures, and a cave.

Below:  a sculpture beside the estuary.  It's a kiwi bird in a sailor outfit.  Kids love it.

below:  a strawberry sundae at Julian's Berry Farm, Whakatane.  Yum-m-m-m...   Here's info on Whakatane.

MERRY CHRISTMAS - we get Christmas a whole day ahead of everywhere else in the world - na-na-na-na-na!   As those in the Northern Hemisphere are waking up on Christmas morning, here in New Zealand we'll be fat, happy, and already had our complete fill of the day.

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