Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back from Las Vegas!

I've returned from Vegas.  What is it about me that I always get tested at Customs?  At all points I got frisked and also tested for explosives!  - they run a little brushie-thing over your clothes and across the top of your things in your case.  I figure it's because on the airport monitors they must be able to see how fidgity I am and according to all those airport security progammes I watch, it means I'm a smuggler.  What the silly airport folk don't realise is that all old folk fidget at airports.  We check that we've got our ticket/passport/itinerary/boarding card/money/hotel info etc.  Then we check again.  And again.  Then we switch stuff around various pockets and bags.  Then we forget which pockets and bags, and have to search through everything again.  And again.  
I also went through the new x-ray machines that show you naked.  You stand on a spot, and raise your arms. Happy viewing, airport folk.  I was the one with the Angelina Jolie figure.  Yeah, right.
I stayed at three hotels.  1  Paris Hotel, LV.  2  Rio Suites, LV.    3  MGM Grand, LV.
I took photos of Paris and Rio, but forgot MGM Grand.  However, they can be found on the web.
In the MGM Grand I was in one of their new rooms, which was smaller than the Rio and Paris, but very modern and I had a magnificent view of The Strip.  I left my (electronic) blind up every night and went to sleep admiring the neon lighting of all the casinos along The Strip.  Fascinating.
All the hotels asked if I wanted to upgrade for a better view.  I declined but I still got lovely views. 
The first three pictures are of my Paris rooms, the bottom three pictures are of the Rio Suites hotel (where every room is a suite).  The Rio is a little bit of f The Strip but there is a free shuttle bus.  I loved everything about the Rio, including the huge floor to ceiling windows, but hated having to take that darn shuttle bus.
I didn't like the fussy old tired Versarilles look of the Paris rooms.

The heat was very very (very) bad.  There all-time heat high was 112f.  When I was there, it hit 111f.  Goodness knows what that is in celsius but it's probably way into the forties.
You will be hearing a lot about my trip in future blogs.  Sorry about that.

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