Monday, August 27, 2012

Las Vegas food!

Re my holiday last week in Las Vegas:
  I was trying to get through the so-called ten best buffets in Vegas.  Only managed half a dozen.  After a time, strenuous eating takes it out of you.  It's such a drag trying to decide what to pile on your plate, what with such a myriad of choices.   Everyone kept telling me to take advantage of the "6 buffets in 24 hours for $44".  I knew I just wouldn't be able to manage that, so didn't even attempt it.

Apart from the buffets, I went to a place in the grounds of Caesar's Palace called "Serendipity 3" which is famous for it's frozen hot chocolate sundaes, and before I left home I was determined to have one.   But for some obscure reason when I got to Serendipity, I suddenly decided to go for a vanilla sundae  (see first photo) which turned to mush after about a minute.  The guy beside me ordered the chocolate one and left it sitting on the bar as he finished a newspaper and made a phone call.  His sundae stayed in pristine shape the whole time;  I was furious.

The other photos are of buffets.  I went to Bellagio (probably the best), Wynns, Wicked Spoon (at the Cosmopolitan), Paris, and MGM (twice).   Didnt care for the buffet at Paris (aside from the berry crepes).  It was supposed to be set in a Paris street, but it all just appeared dusty, grimy, and there wasnt much to choose from in the dessert area.

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