Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Swims!

Whooppeee, it's only 4 August and already we've been swimming at Hataitai Beach twice!  Yesterday and today.  Maybe we're used to the waters by now because it doesnt seem so cold and yet August is usually the coldest month.

I've suddenly thought "Oh, my goodness, I've never written down anywhere on this blog (I think) the words 'New Zealand'.  Well, that's where I am.... New Zealand.  If anyone thinks I'm in some Wellington place other than New Zealand, I'm sorry about that

Here's a catch-up:  Three years ago, J and I decided to swim once at Hataitai Beach during the coldest months (we swim like fish during the summer ones).  We were stunned by how cold it was, and were petrified of hyperthermia.,  Two years ago, we upped our winter swims to two times a month, and this year it's three times a month.  In our bathing suits, with just a light t-shirt on top as our concession to the winter cold water.  No wet suits for us.  Because of Wellington's notoriously bad winter weather, we have had terrible nail-biting times where we're down to the last couple of days of the month and no swim.

All our friends think we're "mad" - it's the most common term used!   One woman said to me the other day "You must come out of the water feeling so triumphant."  And she is so right.  We are brimming with enjoyment as we arrive on land.  We guessed that woman was a swimmer herself.

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