Thursday, August 30, 2012

buying stuff you regret

When I'm at home and I decide to buy something, say a dress, then I'll dither over it for ages in the shop.  Often I ask the assistant when the shop will shut as she'll probably find me still contemplating in front of the dress as she's about to lock up.  Then I'll go away and come back the next day and maybe even the next before finally deciding.
But when I'm on holiday, all my home rules get thrown out and I turn into some impetuous buying hurricane.  I don't think twice about buying stuff.   I can't remember ever buying anything on holiday that hasn't caused supreme anguish when I return.
My Vegas trip was no exception.  Bags, were my downfall.
I only travel with cabin luggage, the same old tried and true small backpack that when comfortably full weighs 5 kg, and stuffed full goes up to 7kg.  Into this bag, I slot a tiny fold-up even-smaller back-pack that I use as my 'getting-around' bag.
For some obscure reason, within days of arriving in Vegas, I bought a multi-coloured patent leather (what a grand name for 'plastic') bag.  Within an hour of buying the $38 bag, I hated the thing.  It was too big, and wouldn't fit into my cabin bag, along with all my other gear.
I went to the UPS store to see about sending the bag home.  It would cost $120.  I vowed to throw it in a rubbish bin.
But then I fell in love with a black glitter (Victoria's secrets) medium-size backpack.  Prior to leaving, I'd told my friends not to let me buy glitter in Las Vegas.  What use is glitter for a retiree in Wellington?  Curse you, friends, for not being there for me....
Then I bought a trolley-dolly wheelie cabin bag at an outlet shop. A Calvin Klein travel bag.  I got it for $70, reduced from $180. 
Now, I had three bags that I didn't want.  Plus, I didn't want to get rid of my own backpack-cabin bag.
So ....   I dumped four tops, a pair of shorts, a pashmina, a cami, a jacket. my 'getting-around' backpack, and my nightie to make room in the Calvin Klein bag for my own cabin bag, plus the multi-coloured bag, and the glitter bag..
At weigh-in at the airport, I was told I was 1.2 kg  (8.2 kg) overweight and between weigh-in and the plane, I would have to lose a kg. 
I didn't, and quivered in fear my entire journey plus plane changes back to NZ.
And I hated the dolly-trolly Calvin Klein bag. I felt like some useless female towing it behind me. It wouldn't turn properly, it toppled over, and got caught in the toilet door at Brisbane. Oh, for my backpack!
I now have three stupid bags that I'll probably never use.  Sigh. 
 I'm going up to Auckland to see 'Mary Poppins' in November.  Guess which bag I'll be taking?:  yes, my ancient old cabin backpack  The other three bags will remain hidden away forever at the back of my closet..

Moral:  think twice before buying stuff on holiday.

Photo below:  top row, left to right:  my old cabin bag, my new Calvin Klein wheelie travel bag.
bottom row:  left to right: my new glitter bag, and my new multi-coloured bag.

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