Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry, Coco at the Roxy, burgers, and Me

What?  Prince Harry was in Las Vegas last weekend?  He was wandering around the MGM Grand where I was staying?  Where I was also wandering last Friday evening?  And I didn't see him?  I didn't even know he was there? 
Mind you, there are over 5,000 rooms at the MGM.  It is reputedly the biggest hotel in America.  You get sore feet walking from one end of the building to the other.  It contains umpteen shops, a huge casino, many swimming pools, walkways, theatres, a stadium, monorail station, dozens of eateries (posh, middle-range, and a food court).  It has a "CSI Experience" where you can solve a crime - I did this easily by just studying the crime scene; didn't bother with all the laboratory stuff.  There's also an area where you help rate upcoming tv shows (yay, I got to rate the first episode of the new series of "Criminal Minds" where Gonzales, the ditzy blonde computer geek comes back from London and the Olympic Games).
The MGM have these huge 'pool parties' every weekend, and this is where Prince Harry was photographed. 
I notice that he was also photographed in his suite at the Wynn Hotel and Casino.  I went to a buffet at the Wynn Hotel.  I was trying to get through all top ten rated buffets in Las Vegas, and Wynns is rated by many as the top buffet.  It's also rated as the top and most expensive hotel.  Of course Harry would stay there.

Changing subjects slightly.  I went to "Wellington on a Plate" yesterday.  They have a rate-a-burger competition at dozens of eateries around Wellington.  I had  my burger at "Coco at the Roxy" in Miramar.  A huge "Silence of the Lamb" burger.  Followed by a sundae.   It was a pity I'd just come away from a couple of burgers in Vegas 'cause the Roxy plate, portion-size, just couldn't compete, big though it was.
Above photos, from top to bottom:  1. my burger meal at an indoor restaurant inside Caesar's Palace Casino and hotel.  2.  The indoor restaurant (trying to pretend it's outside) inside Caesar's Palace where I had the burger.  3.  My burger meal at Wolfgang Puck's inside MGM Grand.  4.  A floral walkway inside Wynn's Resort in Vegas.   5.  A hallway, Wynn's Resort, Vegas.

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