Monday, July 30, 2012

Worrying Hataitai Beach Swims Coming Up

Tomorrow is August, getting very worried about our three Hataitai Beach swims in August, which is the coldest winter month.  Will we be able to do them?  I'm getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about our required three swims a month.  Thinking back to June, it was cold or rained for three weeks, and J and I worried through most of the month that we were going to be cut down before we'd scarcely got into winter.
I remember proudly rabbiting on to a stranger late in June about how we "swim every month in the winter". The stranger politely enquired,  "And how many swims have you done so far this month?"  I had to sheepishly reply " Well ....  none."  Talk about cringe factor.  Thankfully not only did we manage to squeeze in our 3 swims for June but added some more.
We also worry over people in the newspapers who declare that they "swim every day".  How can this be true in a Wellington winter when there's gale-force winds, hail, pelting continous rain, ship-sinking waves, storm debris, etc.   We have declared these "swim every day" proclamations to be pure exaggeration (we hope).

Fingers crossed for The-Great-New-Zealand-Hataitai-Beach-three-swims-a-month (not quite Olympian) August dips to be a success.  Watch this space .....

Above is a nice view taken from the coastal walk that goes around the Miramar Peninsula (near to Peter Jackson's 'compound'.

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