Saturday, July 7, 2012

zig-zag walkways

About ten years' ago I went on a Wellington City Council guided walk entitled "Zig-zags of the Miramar Peninsula'.  I've been on many strenuous bush-hikes in my life (the worst one being the 'straight-up the hill' hike behind Akaroa in the South Island, with a 28c temp), but this "zig-zag path" walk totally scrubbed out all  my get-up-and-go.  I mean, it was pure hell.  By the end of about our tenth zig-zag, we were all crying for mercy. Up and down ... Up and down ... Up and down ...
Since this time, I have become quite acclimatised to Miramar zig-zags and force myself when I'm out walking, to include several at a time (but never as many as I did on that infamous day with the WCC guide).
My zig-zag nemisis is the Houghton Tce zig-zag to the west of Lyall Bay Beach (you can see it from the beach road).  I used to have to stop every now and then as I forced myself to traverse it, cursing all the time.  Now, proudly, I can climb up without stopping, the supreme test on any zig-zagger.
Here's my challenge: -  retirees, just do it!   Younger fitter folk, you can do and 'up', and a 'down', and an 'up' again... without stopping.
In the photos of the Lyall Bay Houghton Tce zig-zag below, I've missed out several of the zigs and the zags.  Adjacent to the steps at the beginning of the climb, you can see a private 'cable car' put in by the owners who live beside the steps.  The last photo is at the top of the zig-zag.

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