Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miramar All Blacks Sign

Well, after me posting a photo of the "All Blacks" sign a a few days ago, today it appears that, within the week, the sign is coming down.  "Wellington Blown Away" (official name) is to take its place.  This means it will just be the word "Wellington" but the last few letters will look as if they are blowing away with the wind.  Wellington is, of course, known as "Windy Wellington". 
Originally, the sign was going to be "Wellywood" - such bad taste.  The signs are made by Weta Workshop (multiple academy award winners).  The new sign should be up within the week.
Here's a pic of part of the Miramar Peninsula.  It's very unusual to see horses on the peninsula.  I can only think that they're kept in a field at the top of the hill (where up until a few days ago Peter Jackson was filming village scenes for "The Hobbit", part 2 - incidentally, A's daughter has been an extra on the set for something like 28 days).

Well, my "it-isn't-a-cold-it's-just-through-spraying-the-garden sore throat has now turned into a full blown head cold.  Feeling sorry for myself and eating so much ice cream and honey that A, my health-food conscious friend is horrified by what I'm putting into my mouth.
Yesterday was such a beautiful day, the tide was right, and J was obviously all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, aching to get in another swim, but I had to back off because of my cold.  I feel awful about this.  J, you can go in by yourself, if you want.....

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