Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Third swim for July 2012 DONE!

Today we did our third swim for July at Hataitai Beach, and the date is only the 11th!  Ostensibly, we can rest back happily now, until August.  We've done our chosen quota.
But - wait! - J is getting all bright-eyed and wondering if, maybe ... perhaps .... we could go for four official  swims.   That's 4.  fourrrrrrrrr?????????****#!!  We've done at least four every month so far this year, so why stop at three, she reckons?   I'll tell you why, J.  Because it's now flippin' cold!  And July and August (and not forgetting that terrible September of two years ago) are TRULY cold.   We could come down with pneumonia, or hyperthermia, or have heart attacks.  Or .... Or ....  Oh ..... okay, count me in.  Darnit ......

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