Tuesday, July 10, 2012

second swim for July 2012

Well, after our gym session yesterday, the weather was right, the tide was right, we were right, our astrological star signs were right, so we .... went for a swim.  Our second for July.  Only one more to do and we've beaten the beast for this month.
J has this 'thing' about we have to swim up to alongside the third seat on the shore before turning around and doing the reverse swim.  But neither of us have good eyesight and in winter the shadows from the hill and the trees block our vision a lot.  So when we reach  the end of the bay, we sort of tread water and dither, and giggle, and yell out variations of "Are we there yet?" to each other.  Often we go well past the seat.  We probably add an extra minute to our time.  An extra minute can be hell in the middle of winter when the air and water temperatures are really cold.

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