Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Wellington Blown Away" sign

the "Wellington Blown Away" sign was erected this afternoon at the entrance to the Miramar Peninsula.  I stood watching for 3 hours and, boy, was it freezing cold.  My knees were like a couple of ice blocks.  But it was a bit ironic, the name of the sign, because there was no wind whatsoever to day in 'Windy Wellington'.  
I did disappear for 15 minutes at one stage.  I rushed home, had a cup of soup, donned a woolly hat, and rushed back.

W and E and L and another L and I and N were erected on high as single letters.  Then G and T and O and N were attached to a background lattice work, then the 'blown away' stipey-thingees were added.  Then after several rehearsals and three or four attempts when the letters were raised a bit, then lowered to the ground again, the whole thing was raised and the abseilers at the top of the framework were able to do their thing, i.e. attach the letters to the scaffolding.
The land is owned by Wellington Airport and they commissioned Weta Workshop to carry out the making of the sign.

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