Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Bad - plus meal at Valentines Restaurant

Okay, hands up all those people who spotted my mistake re my two extra 'August' swims in a recent post.   I meant to say "July" .  July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-July-    There, I've done it 100 times to reinforce the point  (What ?  You wanted a hundred lines?  Dream on ...).
I went to Valentines buffet in Petone for mid-winter lunch today.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  Plum pudding/ice cream/custard, turkey...  Their choices have truly improved.  The potatoes, broccoli, fish, cauli, potatoes are so much bigger than they used to be.  I  had an endless Zero Coke .  Now, don't titter:   huge fattening meal, accompanied by a no-calorie fizzy drink, I know it doesn't equate, right?  But  I only filled the glass once-and-a-half because I'm collecting the souvenir glasses and you get to keep them.
I'd been reading up on buffet ettiquette (for my forthcoming trip to Vegas) and I was surprised to discover that elbows are allowed on the table if you're leaning forward to listen intently or talking to someone across from you.  So my friend, C, and I 'rhubarb-rhubarb-rhubarbed', along with our elbows on the table, delighting in the fact that our table ettiquette was now of the utmost perfection.  We only hoped the other diners were up to the play too, and that they didn't look on us as a very rude couple.

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  1. lols - I'm trying to avoid the mention of dates the whole topic of the year speeding past terrifies me - hope you had fun. :)