Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 swims down for April!

Hi there
J and I have now completed 5 swims for April at Hataitai Beach, Wellington, New Zealand.  It's obvious that there's to be no more sitting in the sun on the deck outside the changing sheds and chatting for a half an hour or so after our swims.  Brrrr...  It's getting colder (and wetter - the farmers will be doing happy cartwheels).

Hataitai Beach is right next to the Sea Scouts training facility.  Here's a pic I took from across the road.  You can just make out, in the foreground, a batch of kids in their Sea Scouts boat.

I went and saw the movie "Olympus has Fallen" today, about an attaack on The White House and the American President.    I don't know how knowledge of this picture had previously escaped me. Over the past month, on America's show "Entertainment Tonight" we've been seeing all about "White House Down" which is to be released soon, but nothing about "Olympus Has Fallen".  I'm telling you, by the end of this movie I was a completely worn out exhausted limp rag.  I'd been up on the screen battling away with Gerard Butler for two whole hours.  It's the best action film I've seen since "Air Force One" which, okay, let's admit it, has practically the same basic plot. 
The movie was a bit close to the bone about the Korean baddies, however it was noted that they belonged to a stand-alone baddie organisation and weren't really pledging allegience to either North or South, but to Korea (and the world) as a whole.

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