Monday, April 22, 2013

Rack Up 6 Swims! - Hataitai Beach

Tuesday 4.45 pm New Zealand time.

Hi there

This morning J and I notched up our 6th swim for April at Hataitai Beach.  That's two above our monthly-four quota that we set for ourselves for the cold months.  When we get out of the water in the colder months, we both get such a buzz of triumph over a job well done. 

J insists that we not put a light t-shirt on top of our bathing suits until, at least, May.  We're not wimps, she insists.  At least, she insists that she isn't a wimp.  I'm not too sure about me.

When J and I swim, especially in the winter when we sort of just lazy breast-stroke swim side-by-side across the bay and back again (and again, and again), we conduct what we call 'committee meetings'.  In other words, we talk.  About all sorts of things.  J has a collection of hilarious stories and happenings that have happened to her.  I try to rival her odd and weird anecdotes, but I just can't compete.  I spend most of the swim in hysterics, chortling so loud at her stories that I can surely be heard across to the footpath.

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