Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eighth Swim for April at Hataitai Beach

Hi there

J and I did our usual debating about whether we should go for a swim.

"It's extremely low tide," said J.  None of we Hataitai Beach regulars care for low tide.  We seem to walk forever before the sea even gets up to our waists.

"But it's not raining," I said.

"We've already done 7 swims for April, said J.

"Wouldn't it be neat to do 8?" I said.

J"s eyes lit up.  If there was the slightest hint of a challenge, she would be onto it.  I only hoped J wasn't thinking of  another nice round number like ... 10!  

We stood outside the gym and peered up at the sky.  "Let's go and look at the water," said J finally.

That did it, of course.  "Looking at the water" usually means we're going for that swim.  As we left the gym, we banged into 'Galveston'.  He's a guy we've chummed up with at the beach over the last month or so.  He got his nickname because J and I were sitting on the deck trying to work our way through the alphabet with place name songs.  We were stuck on 'G'.  Out of the blue, this guy sunbathing beside us came up with 'Galveston''.

'Galvesten' said he'd go for his swim later in the afternoon.  It's great to meet new people at the beach.  They become real friends after a time, but it is so sad when winter comes and we don't see them again until the following summer.  In some cases we never see them again.

J and I leaned over the deck railing at Hataitai Beach today to look at the water.  It was clear and clean.  And the sea was flat, glass-like.

We had a beautiful swim.  Our eighth for April.

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