Monday, April 8, 2013

Solo swimming at Hataitai Beach

Hi there
On the way to the gym this morning the big sign on the main road that leads from the airport - Cobham Drive, otherwise known as Highway No 1 - read something like 'Water Restriction lifted'.  Hitherto, it had read something like 'Water Ban in Force'.

So, after the gym, I high-tailed it to Hataitai Beach to take a photo of the shower in the women's changing room ... without it's showerhead.  This shower head will probably never be removed again in my lifetime.  I guess the 'once in my lifetime Wellington drought' has now broken, and the shower head will be returned in all it's glory very soon.  So, a photo is a must.  For my descendents.

It's a cold water shower, but if I race into the shower ahead of my friend J, I will get a couple of seconds of warm-ish water because the sun has heated up the water pipes.  J will get truly cold water.  oh dear.

Often, to use the shower,  I have had to queue up behind campervan tourists who seem to have brought their whole bathroom cabinet contents along with them to the changing sheds. 

One day, I rushed in for my shower, after my swim, to find four naked Scandanavian women flitting around the shower area - each one incredibly beautiful and probably in their early twenties.  All were tall, slim, with long blonde tresses, longer legs, pert breasts and giggling away happily in a seductive foreign language.  They were probably talking about having cheese sandwiches for supper, but to me every word sounded like the playing of  a musical lyre.  

My Goodness, here I was, short, stout, flat chested, with bird's nest hair, and big fat thighs.  When I talk, I miss out the 'g' at the end of all my 'ings'.  I have trouble pronouncing h's and I slur my words a lot because I can't be bothered to enunciate properly.  I also gabble at about 500 words a minute.  I probably sound more like an demented kookaburra than a musical lyre.  I slinked (slunk? slank?) out of the changing sheds until the four Norse goddesses had left the building. Who needed the comparison?

While I was photographing the shower this morning, I thought "Oh, well... while I'm here....."  So, I had a swim.  Swim No 3 for April!!  Check.  The water was nice but my fingers were so cold afterwards that I had trouble doing up my shoe laces.  (I'm one swim up on you, J, for April - na-na-na-na-nah.....

I must ring up Wellington City Council to remind them to put back the showerhead. 

Here's a nice cloud formation above Hataitai Beach.

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