Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swimming at Hataitai Beach

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Right,  the winter(y) seasons are tapping at our heels.  For the three readers of this blog, you may remember how three years ago J and I decided we were going to try and get in at least one swim a month at Hataitai Beach, Wellington, New Zealand, during the full calendar year.  This would be the easiest feat in the world during summer(y) months when we swam practically every day, but winter-time?  Brrrhhh......   We made it, though there were times we worried about hyperthermia (or is that hypothermia, I can never tell the difference).

The following year we aimed for two swims a month.  Great.  Marvellous.  All went according to plan.  Still wearing bathing suits.  No wetsuits for us.  They breed us strong-willed, competitive, and determined in Wellington (small point of difference that J comes from Cricklewood in England, but I have  definitely bestowed honorable kiwi status upon her - arise, Dame J).

Last year we aimed for three swims a month.  And, guess what?  Huh? - you already know?  Of, of course, you've been following this blog for years, and you're totally aware that we did an unofficially recognised minimum of 5 swims a month last year.   In August (or it could have even been September - J is in charge of our committee minutes, you'll have to ask her to fill you in), we upped the score to 7, repeat 7!  whoopee.....

This year, we're going for four.  This is one swim a week.  Four a month.  Regardless of low tides, tsunamis, icy weather, or stingrays.  Actually, secretly, I wouldn't mind pulling out,  but I couldn't bear to see the triumphant smug smirk on J's face when she completed all the swims, and I didn't.   Besides that, she'd get to keep The Cup for the whole year.  At present we share The Cup, 6 months apiece.

We have already done two swims this month (April), both for about half an hour, and both of them absolutely beautiful.  Water was crisp and calm, and the weather was the same.

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