Sunday, December 15, 2013

No, I am still alive .... and kicking!

Hi there

Oh dear, I hope you missed me.   I went to Whakatane/Ohope Beach and Mt Maunganui for a two week (and a bit) holiday.  I left, fully confident that I could breeze into the Whakatane Library and write my blog, being the seasoned professional blog-writer that I am.  But, goodness, heavens to Betsy, OMG, I discovered that Yahoo had been compromised and was down for practically the whole week I was in Whakatane.  When it came back on line, it wouldn't let me through to write my blog because I needed to change my password and I hadnt a clue how to do it.   So.... I gave in... and just enjoyed my holdiay.  I did suffer occasional sharp pangs of anguish that my readers might have thought I'd died.

More about my holiday tomorrow.  I've only returned home about ten minutes ago and you - my four readers - were the first people I thought about contacting.

Forgive me......

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