Friday, December 20, 2013

Hataitai Beach: Swim 2 for December completed

Hi there
Yesterday, Friday, I got in my second swim at Hataitai beach since my return from holiday up north  (well, I actually got in two swims, but only one counts in the overall tally for the year, darn it!).  According to our 'committee' rules I have to get in a minimum of 4 swims a month for this year.  Even though I swam 28 times in the first two weeks of  December, none of those swims count.  The swims for official recognition have to be at Hataitai Beach or anywhere south... the seas north are warmer, and the seas south are colder.  Oh, who made these stupid rules?  Wait, I remember, it was ... us!   Oh, J and I can be so cruel to each other.

Whilst I was away, J got in her four swims, so she's in line for official year-end recognition and is she letting me know about it.? Yes, yes, J - I appreciate that you've completed your minimum quota for this month, and I haven't.  You don't have to go on ... and on .... about it.

Okay, so I have to cram in 2 more swims before 30 December or I will forfeit every swim I've done this year, including all those frighteningly cold winter swims.  I will be so jolly cross if I don't make it.   Let there be no never-ending storms, or too-full-Christmas-tummies, or illnesses, or Christmas shopping, or anything else liable to get in the way of these two upcoming elusive swims at Hataitai Beach.

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