Sunday, December 22, 2013

Third swim down.....

Hi there

Today, at noon, I made third swim at Hataitai Beach for the month.  It was the start of the kayaks and canoes, and LiLos, and paddle boards, and boogie boards.  Come Boxing Day, I guess there will be double the amount of Christmas presents on the water...  Today,there was even a single-person outrigger.  A teen girl was attempting to paddle the outrigger away from the shore.  She got just past me in the water and yelled back over her shoulder to her older brother, "Oh, my goodness, how do I turn this thing....?"

And I was only a hop, skip and a few breast-strokes away from her!   I started to plot my escape plan.  Would I dive under the outrigger?  Would I  try to make it to the shore?  Would I tread water and panic?   Luckily, she'd given up paddling and was drifting.  Her brother shouted directions from the shore and swam out to get to her.  

The weather forecast for the next five days is for a lot of rain.  I only have till the end of December to get in that elusive fourth swim.  Cross fingers for me.

Oh, a Hataitai Beach regular reported  that occasionally, during her 3 pm swim, she struck the odd teeny-tiny jellyfish.   Whoops....   I hate swimming amongst these harmless jellyfish.  You feel them every minute or so and they're sort of squishy against your body.  J assures me these are only the newborn adventurous jellies and are sort of the advanced guard.  She says that thousands of mummy and daddy jelly-fish will be following over the next few days.   What a little ray of sunshine my friend J is...?

Here's a pic of Pilot Bay, where I went swimming most of the time I stayed at Mt Maunganui.  That's Mt Maunganui in the background.  It's a lovely easy and scenic 45 minute walk around the base of the mount.

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