Tuesday, May 20, 2014

American Marines in Paekakariki, New Zealand

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Affer writing my blogs of last week, I was thinking about the WW2 years. Even though I wasn't born, my mother told me a lot about them. Thousands upon thousands of young New Zealanders went to war overseas, my two uncles among them (one uncle was wounded very badly, the other enlisted under-age).

During WW2, American marines came to NZ for R&R and to recover from illnesses and wounds (the recuperation hospital, and base, were in the Silverstream/Paekakariki area, about a half hour away from Wellington city). My grandmother's family was one of the Wellington families that 'adopted' American servicemen. The young men would come to her place for home-cooked meals.

Many young New Zealand women dated the American servicemen.

This year some WW2 American veterans returned to the area to visit.
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There is a commemorative plaque at Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki, and also another plaque on a wall down on the Wellington waterfront which commemorates the arrival of the troop ships carrying the American forces.

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