Saturday, May 24, 2014

GUEST WRITER: J..... J-Jay-J-J-J-J!!!!!!


We have, so far, managed 5 swims for this month, all of them last week  And, whoopee, my swimming friend J is my guest writer for today:  The below happened to her last week.  In her own words:

I think I have definitely reached old age.

I stood waiting to cross the road behind Countdown Supermarket feeling something like this:

-still on a high from our swim, and I felt fit and energetic, and on top of the world.

Then as I crossed to the middle of the road a young woman beside me held her arm out in front of me and said "Not yet".  Then she ordered, "Cross now -  come across with me", and I toddled across.   She left me safely on the other side of the road, feeling more like this:

pictures: google images

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