Sunday, May 4, 2014

Signs and colds

Hi there

Sometimes we come across funny signs.  I was passing the organic store in Kilbirnie the other day and there was a whiteboard outside the shop that read "cultured vegies". 

Before such vegies are released out onto the market are they given elocution and deportment lessons, perhaps?  Wheel-barrowed around museums and art galleries?  Maybe taught the right cutlery to use for the right dinner course, rather like Julia Roberts was taught table layouts in "Pretty Woman"?  though I guess even the most cultured vegetable would find it hard to nail a Richard Gere ... unless it was in the kitchen, then the vegie might stand a chance of being loved, cultured or not.

A long time ago I had a children's play in the New Zealand School Journal entitled "The Monster Sale".  I'd seen sales labelled as such for years and I'd always wondered what would happen if a shop was really selling monsters.

Some names of places are just sheer awful.  There's a restaurant in Kilbirnie called "Smell & Smile".   Why?


Oh, I've got a cold.  Actually, "a cold" doesn't sound dramatic enough for what I have.  The word 'virus' is incredibly popular; maybe I'll adopt that.  I remember snobby Margot in "The Good Life" or was it the same actress in "To the Manor Born" who became absolutely horrified when  told she had a "common" cold.   Like this lady I, too,  do not want to have a cold that is considered 'common'.

I've had my flu vaccination so it can't be the 'flu' that I have but, oh-my-goodness, I've hardly been able to talk for five days.  Bob-who-lives-up-the-road-and-around-the-corner has already told me that because of the silence from me, he can now hear overhead planes and birds.  What cheek!

I feel awful that J and I can't go swimming because of my catching The Plague.  I hope she'll forgive me.


  1. Perhaps it was the swimming in the sea which caused you to catch a chill? Now you sound like the Queen because she catches chills. I don't suppose she goes swimming in the sea though. Helen.

  2. Sorry I spelt Hataitai Beach wrongly before.