Thursday, May 29, 2014

We managed it! - 6 swims at Hataitai Beach for May 2014

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Well, the title says it all:  J and I have got in 6 swims for this month but, oh-my-goodness, there were so many obstacles for us to hurdle.  Everything seemed to band together to stop us getting in our very, very, very minimum of four swims for the month (as I write this it is 30th May NZ time)


I was just thinking about NZ actors.  Years ago, I remember growling to my friends that whilst Aussie and English actors got to Hollywood, kiwis never seemed to make it.  But now, there are a few I can mention.  Russell Crowe is New Zealand-born, but was an Aussie growing up.  The same goes for Manu Bennett who is now an actor on the series "Arrow".

Anna Paquin from "True Blood" was the other way around.  I believe she was born Canadian but, of course, she grew up as a Kiwi.

Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princiess;  Battlestar Galatica, Spartacus) is a true New Zealander and still lives here most of the time.  Melanie Lynskey who plays Rose in "Two and a Half Men" was a Peter Jackson discovery from way back.  Sam Neill pops up in lots of films - he has a vineyard and winery (Two Paddocks) out of tourist spot Queenstown and is often seen striding around that area.  And not to forget The Flight of the Conchords who both come from Wellington (Brett wrote the oscar-winning song from the Muppet movie, a couple of years back).

Karl Urban plays Dr McCoy (Bones) in the new rebooted "Star Trek" movies, and Phil Keogh is the host of "The Amazing Race.

Martin Henderson (ex "Shortland Street") plays in a Sundance series that hasn't reached NZ yet, but it's called "The Red Road", and Antony Starr from our popular-popular-popular NZ series "Outrageous Fortune" (he played twins Jethro and Van) is starring in the American tv series "Banshee", another programme I have yet to see.   Here's Starr.....

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