Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bermuda Triangle off-shoot in Miramar?

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Okay, I don't have actual proof that a branch of The Bermuda Triangle is here in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, but there is so much circumstancial evidence that I'd say it was a pretty clear case.  Either The Bermuda Triangle or a temporary rift in the time and space continuum.

There are two things that I lose all the time:  pens and combs.  Oh, yes, naturally I lose socks, but socks are so high up the what-the-whole-world-loses chart that I just take the losing of them as natural phenomena.  Yesterday, I was determined to keep control of my socks prior to putting them in the washing machine.

I took two identical pair of socks from the laundry basket.  Black with thin white stripes, and only a month old.  I counted them:  4-four- four socks in total. 

When I went to hang my socks on the clothes line to dry I could only find:   1-one-one sock!   How did that happen?    I wrote a play once for the New Zealand School Journal entitled "Gremlin in the Computer".  I reckon when Fisher & Paykel sell us their washing machines they instal their very own sock-eating gremlin.  It's the only explanation.

Anyway, back to pens and combs.  Over the years I must have bought hundreds, thousands of pens and combs.  I lose them around the house all the time and have to run out and buy more.  Every six months or so when I give the house a good clean (make that a barely passable clean), I locate a dozen or so of each.  But within a few more weeks, all the pens and combs are gone and the cycle starts again.


Swimming at Hataitai Beach All Year Round:

My friend J and I got in our second swim for the month yesterday (our first was the day before).  Because of a set of circumstances over both our heads we haven't been able to get in our minimum four swims for the month of May at Hataitai Beach.  It isn't even true winter yet- it's late Autumn here in NZ -  and we are getting a bit biting-our-nails-worried.  Please, my five readers, cross your fingers and toes that we can get our allocated number of dips in the water for this month, otherwise the whole year's swimming allocation ahead could be ruined.  I figured, that the winter months of June, July, and August would be the challenge.  I just wish I hadn't caught The Black Death earlier in the month because it laid me up for a time.

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