Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hands Down For Fig Trees

Hi there

I wonder how Adam and Eve got on in The Garden of Eden?  Well, no, I actually know how they got on - once they realised they were naked, they rushed to a fig tree and quickly fashioned a few leaves into clothes:  a neat bikini for her, and something akin to Speedos for him..

Today I lopped some branches off my fig tree.  No sleeves, no gloves.  I ventured deep into the overgrown fig tree jungle.  Within ten minutes I was in stinging pain ... and scratching, itching, tearing at my flesh like some deranged zombie.

I knew I was allergic to the latex in most sticking plasters (I end up with a burn), but a fig tree?    But Google informs me that fig trees are positively wallowing in latex.

If one of the reasons Adam and Eve left The Garden of Eden was because of latex itching arising from wearing fig tree haute couture,  then I don't blame them one teeny bit.

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