Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Those insurance television commercials about funerals

Hi there

Above is my fave tv insurance commercial of the moment.

But, honestly, if I see one more funeral insurance television commercial then, like Elvis, I will find a gun and shoot out the screen. 

The worst commercial is where the woman (Sue?) sits there looking earnestly at the camera and talks about how lucky it was that her mother had funeral insurance that doles out cash.  Sue can now give Mum any type of funeral that she, Sue, wants.  On a beach, even.  It's completely up to her, the daughter.

Goodness, I detest Sue.  She looks terribly smug.  She's probably going to dump Mum over the side of the wharf in a plastic bag, then take off for Hawaii with the family on Mum's hard-earned funeral money.

Then there's the commercial where the wife can't decide which cake to choose when her husband offers her a plate with a boring looking slice on it, as well as a luscious cream puff smothered in chocolate.  The woman chooses the slice.  This commercial is all to do with making decisions for insurance.  But I'm so busy thinking about her stupid choice and how I would go for the chocolate cream puff, that I don't really pay attention to the rest of the commercial.

TV commercials.  You gotta hate them.

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  1. We like the AA Life ad here in Blighty