Saturday, April 4, 2015

those pesky jellyfish!

Hi there

The jellyfish are still floating around in the water at Hataitai Beach.  Not as many this late in the season, but I still hate them.  You can't see them when you're in the water because they're transparent.  You feel them when you bump against them, and theyre solid.  I always seem to end up clutching one in my hand by accident.  Yiicckk!!  They are often as big as saucers.

I only hit two yesterday, but two was two too many.  I shriek and yell and frantically try swimming away from the jellyfish as fast as I can, with arms windmilling like crazy.

And yet...    Kids pick them up and throw them at each other.  Swimmers just shrug, furrow their brows in deep thought, and say things like, "Yeah, I did bang into a few now that I think about it."

They have to think about it?  I guess this is why I will never make professionalism in swimming.  I am so ashamed that I'm traumatised by these harmless little things.

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