Monday, April 13, 2015

last best enjoyable swim before deep winter?

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Tuesday morn, NZ time -

Last Sunday, J and I got in over a half hour's swim at Hataitai Beach.  It didnt matter that people were striding it out on the adjacent footpath in Autumn woollies and we were just in our bathing suits.  The water was extremely cold and crisp.  We revelled in it.

For quite some time, we swam back and forth across the bay, then out to a buoy. There was a nice high tide.  We giggled a lot. 

Looks like we did the swim just in time, because yesterday the air temperature was cold - brrrhhh!- with snow in some areas in both the South Island and the North Island of New Zealand.

I admit to you, my five readers, that I am not looking forward, all that much, to swimming through the winter yet again.  Challenges made to one's self can be such a trial.

PS:  tues 2pm.  J rang about lunchtime, wondering about a swim today. I remembered that the forecasted temp high for today was only 12.  But a challenge is a challenge.  I went..

PPS:  Tues 6pm:  apparently today has been coldest day so far this year.  Tons of snow down south.    And we went swimming!  In the sea!


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