Monday, November 12, 2012

Hobbit Banners, Cobham Drive, Wellington Airport area

Boy, it's cold and windy today.  I wonder why?  Oh, yes, I'm in Wellington now, not Auckland.  Today I decided to have a wallowing-in-my-own-misery day in bed.  Because of my stupid sore heel.  I won't be able to walk properly for months so people (and the doctor) tell me.  I've gone to the chemist and bought the loads of the required gel heel-cups and foam pads and whatever.  They don't seem to be making any difference. 

To make matters worse, my car is in the garage for a couple of days having a makeover.   And I'm the woman who always said I could make do easily without my car, that I'd take the bus everywhere.  Huh, it would be a chore to hobble to the bus stop.


Anyway, I did hobble down the road to snap a couple of photos (I hit 'delete' by mistake and wiped the best one) of the Hobbit banners that are now billowing at the foot of the airport runway on the corner of Cobham Drive (Highway  No 1). In the background, you can see other Hobbit posters, but it was more difficult to get the right angle to take their photos in the wind.

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