Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prince Charles at Weta Workshop, Miramar

Prince Charles and Camilla are in Wellington today.  Prince Charles visited Weta Workshop in Miramar, home of movie sculptures, models, replicas, etc.  Though it's probably less than a km from my place, I had to take the car because of my bad foot.  I thought director Peter Jackson might be there.  And he was.  But he purposely kept to the shadows whilst waiting for the Prince to arrive and it was very hard to photograph him because the great unwashed public were not allowed to set foot inside Weta grounds.

However, lovely Richard Taylor, head of Weta, came outside and spoke to people.  I saw oscar winner Tania Roger there as well.

Now, wait for it.........   Prince Charles shook my hand!  I said 'Good luck' to him.  The woman beside me said to give her best to Camilla.  Prince Charles thanked us.  And do you know what?  He was smiling the whole time, and he was so gentle and insisted on talking to lots of people.  He was so different from how I thought he would be, i.e. stiff and formal. 

Photos from top to bottom:  Richard Taylor, me alongside the Prince's car, Prince Charles, VIPs (including Peter Jackson) waiting for the Prince to arrive.

I'll bet the Prince enjoyed his visit to Weta because he's a movie buff.  He was about five minutes late arriving, but about a half hour late leaving.

J and I had our second swim for the month today.  Whoopeee!  We stayed in water about 25 minutes.

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