Monday, November 19, 2012

Wellington Airport Carousel

The luggage conveyor belt/carousel at Wellington Airport is now Hobbit-orientated (see below).

Because of my sore foot, I had to take my car to the airport instead of walking the  approximately one kilometre to get there.  I was parked inside the terminal carpark.  It seemed like many many kms away from the entrance. 

I got into the terminal with the express idea of photographing everything Hobbit .  I took one photo of the luggage carousel and the battery on my camera conked out.  Still, I had lugged along with me my Calvin Klein suitcase (containing two cushions) to see if the bag would fit in the 'compartment' where one gauges to see if their bag is allowable as 'cabin' baggage.  My bag did fit - just .... Don't tell anyone that one wheel stuck out a fraction!  I'm off in the summer on two separate holidays:  Queenstown and Waiheke Island (whoopeee), so I want to be sure  any bag that I take is of permissible size  (I don't take 'hold' baggage).   I don't want to be turned back at aeroplane door.

I couldn't have been more than 20 mins in the terminal and it cost me $5.  I am so furious with my foot for not allowing me to walk there.   Naughty-naughty-naughty foot.   However, my lounge cushions, I'm sure, did go on a smashing adventure.

A pleasant aside:   We have now done 4 swims for the month.  Last week's one was so cold I thought I was going to come down with a bout of hypothermia afterwards.  My feet were hurting so much with the cold that I told my friends I was probably going to get frostbite and that would turn to gangrene, I'd no doubt die, and I wanted the theme from (Star Trek) "Enterprise" to be played at my funeral.

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