Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stealing from hotels? - Hotel Babylon

Today, I've been re-reading one of my fave books:  "Hotel Babylon", written by Imogen Edward-Jones  who also wrote the fantastic "Air Babylon.  A word of advice, don't, for goodness' sake, read "Air Babylon" just before you're going on a flight?!    Both books have had an anonymous person in the industry reveal all the scams, tricks, what-goes-on, etc in both the air and hotel business.  The happenings have been condensed into a 24 hour period.

Edward-Jones says most definitely that everyone steals from hotels.  I can tell her, most definitely, that when I was at the Las Vegas MGM Grand in August, I didn't.

When I arrived, I glanced down on the vanity in the bathroom.  No soap, shampoo, etc.  I immediately rang Housekeeping.  The woman said she'd send up some toiletries, and she did.  As I got into the shower a few minutes later - oops, there was soap, shampoo on the shelf inside the shower.

I rang Housekeeping to apologise.  The woman was spanish-speaking and obviously didn't understand my kiwi accent because about a half an hour later, another bag of soaps and shampoo arrived.

I rang Housekeeping again to explain that I felt terrible about it all, and the following day, another bag arrived!

Because I was only carrying cabin baggage to America, I was only allowed 7kg of weight in total on the plane.  I had to leave all the toiletries behind.   Darn it!  I could have run a stall.

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