Thursday, November 1, 2012

Potted Potter stage show Wellington Opera House

Last night I went to see "Potted Potter" . a parody.  The seven Harry Potter books condensed into about an hour and a half.  Put on by Don and Jeff.  I think - I could be wrong - that it's a franchise which indicates to me that actors buy into it.

Anyway this particular show got rave reviews in Auckland and Wellington (google 'Potted Potter review a night of fun' from

It didn't rate much with me.  So children's pantomime-ish.  Only two actors on stage with props, e.g.hand puppets (dragon, Dobby).  wigs/hats/glasses: Hermione, Ron, Harry, etc.  Toy car for the Anglia Ford that flies.  I saw a bit of it the day before excerpted on tv's "Good Morning" and wondered what I was getting into.

There were mainly adults in the audience. Some books were acted out, for one there was a power point cartoon-y presentation, and for the quidditch match, the audience was divided into two house teams (Griffindor and Slytherin) and given a big beach ball to try to hit into the respective goals.
Some people like all this sort of stuff, but I don't

My main criticism was that one of the actors had a thick heavy Irish accent and because of trying to get the 7 plots out in the allotted time, he was gabbling really fast.  I could hardly understand him.  A waste of $65.

PS:  J and I got in 5 swims for October (phewww!) and we've done one for November.

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