Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Oh dear, I'm now admitting a terrible secret.  I like the audio books and movies of the "Twilight" franchise.  Yes, me, a retiree!  And if I have to listen once more to friends and strangers saying to me, "... but vampires don't sparkle", I'll rip my hair out.  Vampires don't exist.  There, I've told you all something that you probably didn't know.  As far as I'm concerned, this means that writers can deal with vampires however they want to deal with them.  Sparkling?  Sure, why not?

About 15 years ago, I wrote a short story where a vampire fell in love with a mortal and I entered the story into a competition that was taking place at the annual national NZ Science Fiction Convention.  I was told by the judge that "vampires don't fall in love".    I must have been a pioneer because soon after, vampires leapt from the horror genre over to the romance genre.  By that time, I'd already sold the story to Radio New Zealand.

Back to "Breaking Dawn Pt 2".  I went to the midnight session which meant that, because of the time difference,  I saw the movie before it hit American or British shores.  I slinked into the theatre trying to look 16 years old, pretty difficult seeing as I am a pensioner. 

 I enjoyed looking at the beautiful actors (though the vampire eyes got more and more creepy to watch as the movie progressed).  However, shame on the studio for breaking the last book into two movies; it didn't warrant it.  I loved the angst and emoting in the books and the earlier films.  This film didn't seem so emotional.

Toward the end, the movie turned absolutely completely, horrifically, away from the book.  When it came back to the book plot again, there was a huge collective gasp of surprise from the audience.  I didn't care for the way the movie makers toyed with the viewer's feelings at this point.

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