Monday, November 5, 2012

Hobbit postage stamp and NZ Post Building

Today, in the most atrociously cold and drizzly weather I went down to the Wellington wharves to photograph the NZ Post Building, roughly opposite the Railway Station.  It has a GIANT picture of Bilbo Baggins on one side of the building and on the other side are sillhouettes of the dwarves, all from Part 1 of The Hobbit.  The photo of Bilbo (Martin Freeman) is actually a postage stamp put out especially for the arrival of the movie.  Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but what with the weather and trying to photograph long distance, and everything (excuses, excuses....)  The second picture is a truly long-range one, taken from across the other side of the harbour, in front of Te Papa Tongarewa (the Museum of New Zealand).

P.S.:  J informs me that we did 6 (count them, six!) swims last month October, at Hataitai Beach, Wellington, New Zealand.  I said earlier that we'd done 5.  Goodness, we do so many nowadays, it's hard to keep count.  It's hard to remember that a few years ago, we were doing one a month and staying in for only a few minutes because we were scared of getting hyperthermia (or is that hypothermia, I never know!)

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