Tuesday, February 12, 2013

eating in Queenstown

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When I'm at home I rarely eat in cafes.  My mind insists on telling me that it's all a waste of time and money.  However, when I'm on holiday I positively luxuriate in outdoor cafes.   I love people-watching and scenery-watching while purring over a hot chocolate and a slice of Louise cake.

In Arrowtown I had a nice burger at
New Orleans Pub, sitting on their outdoors deck, in 30c temp but with air conditioning blowing full-tilt behind me.  Lovely. 

In Queenstown, I had a buffet lunch in the restaurant at the top of the gondola.  At Pier 19, on the Steamer Wharf, I had a whitebait omelet (how many times have I told gullible tourists that "whitebait have to be fillited first"!).    Whitebait are prized by kiwis and getting harder to catch every year.

I went on the Million Dollar Cruise (a tiny run-of-the-mill touristy boat) to the Hilton Hotel in Queenstown for lunch.  The lunch was good, as was the boat trip, but I pity the tourists who stay at the Hilton, lovely though the complex is.  The Hilton is a good 20 minute drive from  where it is situated across the bay from the heart of Queenstown.  I would far rather stay in the centre of the town where I could just wander out of my hotel whenever I felt like it and be in the middle of everything happening instantly.   I guess, that the Hilton have courtesy cars and maybe even a courtesy boat...

(It's very exciting -   I now think I have three readers of this blog!  Thank you, Patrick, for your comments.)


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