Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wizard's Guide to Wellington

My friend, A J Ponder is having the official launch of her children's book, "The Wizard's Guide to Wellington", 6 30 pm, at the Rona Gallery/Bookshop in Eastbourne shopping centre (end of the street) at 6 30 pm Thursday 14 February (this coming Thurs).  She says anybody and everybody is invited.  I'm wondering how will the shop hold all the thousands of people, but A.J. assures me that not that many people turn up for book launches.  Let's fool her, shall we, and all roll up!

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  1. lols - caught :) Cheers for mentioning this
    Rona Gallery 151 Muritai Rd Eastbourne - love to see you there - Also check out some of the art we received today (not Jean's quite yet - that's still in transit) http://wizardsguide.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/some-of-the-art-thats-come-in-for-the-magic-of-wellington-competition/