Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jellyfish at Hataitai Beach, swimming at Worser Bay

Hi there.  J and I went down to Hataitai Beach this morning at 11 a.m. to discover that the sand was dotted with transparent jellyfish.  There were also lots and lots of them in the water.  So, we hightailed it to Worser Bay where we had a lovely swim.

I had Coco, my Wednesday dog today, so I stayed in the house with her all afternoon until her 'mum' came to pick her up and then I was so hot and bothered that I decided to go over to Worser Bay again for another swim.  I was in such a rush I just threw on some swimming shorts and a tankini top.    I added a sarong, hopped in my car, and shot over the hill to Worser Bay.

I proudly made my way across the sand at the beach, thinking that everyone must be thinking along the lines that I was so brave to go in the water and every eye would be on me as I was the only person going near the water instead of just sunbathing.  I puffed out my chest with pride.

Puffing out my chest did feel a bit weird.  My tankini felt very tight. I'd been dieting for three days now.  Surely my bathing top was supposed to feel looser, not tighter?

It wasn't till I got in the water and looked down to find a boob all but hanging out of my togs that I realised I was wearing my top back to front.  The puffy cross-over padded bit was at my back and what was supposed to be a low back was at my front!  Whoops!

I sidled out of the water,  with my arms across my front, hopped in the car soaking wet and was home in a couple of minutes, relieved that I hadn't put on weight but devastated that people had seen me in my back-to-front bathing outfit.  Hopefully, women will have thought it was a new fashion.  Who knows I could end up the stylistic discovery of the season.

Just before I left for Worser Bay the second time, I found out that a swimmer had been killed by a shark today at Muriwai Beach, way high up the North Island.  I kept hearing the "Jaws" theme all the time I was swimming.  I kept very close to shore.  When I got home, my friend J informed me that she'd read some time back of a woman in Australia (?) who was killed by a shark while she was paddling in the shallows.    Oh dear.  I

 We're having such a record-breaking magnificent summer that the waters are very warm.  This must be bringing in the sharks.  Sometimes in February there are sting rays at Hataitai Beach but I havent seen any for a few years now.  Very scary when they suddenly shoot past your legs.

Here's a pic I took of Worser Bay several weeks ago.


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