Friday, February 8, 2013

Rockin' Around the Clock

This morning when I was out (attempting to) walk, I had my MP3 player on and I was listening to some Golden Oldies, in particular "Rock Around the Clock".   "Rock Around the Clock" is virtually the first song of the rock'n'roll era.  I can remember wanting desperately to see the movie in which it featured - "Blackboard Jungle" - but it was an R16 movie and I was way under the allowed age.  I didn't even look old enough to bluff my way in, like I did in later years when my friend and I went to R16 movies in our school uniforms.  We were hardly ever asked our age because theatre staff figured we had arrived so blatently dressed, we just had to be 16.   If we ever were asked, we looked highly affronted and said, "Of course, we're 16!"

Anyway, I remember when my mother would ramble on about songs like "Cruisin' Down the River", "Daisy, Daisy", then later-on songs from the 1920's charleston era.  As she was wittering on about her fave songs, I thought, "Charleston songs?  She's still on about Charleston songs?  For heaven's sake, this is the 1950's.  It's Elvis, cat!" 

Looking back, there was only some thirty-five years' difference between the mid 1920's and 1960 when I was at my rock'n'roll peak.    Yet it seemed like a forever distance away at the time.  Why was mum still going on about that old-fashioned stuff?  It was before I was even born.

Today, looking back, it's about 50 years' since I was rockin' to Elvis, Bill Haley, Fabian, Dodie Stevens, etc.  50 years!!!  Songs from Elvis through to The Beatles were just released yesterday in my mind.  The music still fires my soul, like .... I can't put it into words.   Fantabulous, baby! 

When I hear  "Rock Around the Clock" I want to break into dance.   Yes, little old me (well, curvaceous, not-so-little me) still wants to rock'n'roll.

Why did I grow old so fast?

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