Sunday, February 3, 2013

Queenstown part II

More of my Queenstown holiday:  

I drove to Lake Wanaka for a day and, goodness, this is truly embarrassing, I turned into a Tourist.  I've always peered snobbily down my nose at tourists who stop off every time they see a highway notice advertising some scenic attraction (I'm trying not to look at you, Americans) .  But, oh dear, I turned into the typical tourist on my journeys to and from Wanaka.  Heavens, a puzzle world?  I love puzzles - I stopped there.  Pan-for-your-own-gold?  Yep, I wanna find a nugget (I didn't).  Roaring Meg hydro river?  Who wouldn't want to see that.  Famous Cardrona Pub?  I don't drink but, heck, that doesn't matter; this pub is Famous!  The great Welcome to Cromwell fruit icon?  I photographed it from half a dozen angles.   Vegie stalls?  Cute dogs to be patted?  Views from plateaus?  I seemed to be out of my car more than I was in it.  I didn't think all that much of Lake Wanaka (a smaller Lake Taupo?) though Wanaka is a good stepping-off place for Milford Sound.  I think because of so much South Island beauty that one gets acclimated to it all very quickly which is so sad.

I've just read that Bear Grylls and his team (they've rented 100 rooms) are going to be based soon at Wanaka for two months. 

More Queenstown stuff to come - well, it fills in a space, yeah?

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