Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hobbits and second breakfasts

When I was visiting the Matamata filming set of 'The Hobbit" movies, I ruminated on Second Breakfasts.  I differ from hobbits in so far as I could happily put down third and fourth breakfasts.  Sigh, I guess this is why I've always had, well, an ample figure. 
(darn, I'm now caught up with all my typing centred because of the photos.  Sorry 'bout that.  I've been trying a new way of getting the photos onto this blog which is obviously not working very good).
Ever since November when I hurt my heel and, then, three weeks ago when I tore a ligament in one of my ankles, I've not been able to do my daily hike over the Wellington hills.  I've just sat ....and ate!  And not just hobbit breakfasts but also second lunches and second dinners, not to mention morning and afternoon teas.  Plus Eskimo Pie ice creams, creamy lamingtons, and butterfly cakes.
Oh dear, I have become quite rotund.  Okay, more rotund(er) than usual!  Hobbit-rotunded, if truth be told.  For 25 years I have worked out regularly either in the real gym or my gym room at home.  But, now, I've hardly been near any sort of gym since December.  Still swimming though, and that has to help a little bit yeah?
I'm off soon on holiday to Palm Beach on Waiheke Island, 40 minutes from Auckland.  When I booked I had visions of hiking up and down dales.  Now, it will just have to be swimming and bus riding.  Let's hope the holiday goes smoothly with no splotchy allergy rash, locked doors, or ruined ankles.  Altogether now, everyone cross fingers and touch wood for me!   Please ....

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