Saturday, May 4, 2013

3rd Swim for May

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Well, J and I completed our second swim for May yesterday and our third one was this morning.  Goodness, being in the water today was like being in a traffic jam.  We figured that once May came around, we'd have our little part of the ocean to ourselves but because so far this Autumn, it's been quite good weather it's felt like the world and its dog (literally)has decided to enjoy the outdoors.

We swam for 25 minutes today.  While we were happily conducting our 'committee meeting' in the water, we suddenly found ourselves sharing the sea with two paddle boarders, two-in-a-yacht, one dog and it's stick-throwing 'mummy', two swimmers (one in a bikini - brrrrrhhh) and 'Thong Man' - a geriatric 'regular' who's as hardy as J and myself and has been turning up at the beach for years.

J says as well as rambling on in my last blog about poetry and reading affictions, I should have mentioned my  'swimming affliction'.   Our 'committee meetings' are open to all addicts, she adds

I went for a walk along the Maupuia walkway and took some photos.  The walkway is off Maupuia Rd (the first road after driving through the Miramar Cutting) and runs parallel with the sea (only a long way above it).  There is a track at the left-hand end of the walkway that you can take down to the water, therefore doing a loop to bring you back again to Miramar.  Be aware that in the winter months the track (not the walkway) can get very slushy and slippery. If you don't want to take the track, just keep turning right at the end of the walkway and loop back along Akaroa Drive.

Below is the Maupuia Walkway, a lovely open safe space.  Maybe a half hour walk return (extra if you do a loop)

Below is taken from the Maupuia Walkway looking across Wellington Harbour toward Mt Kaukau.

Taken from Maupuia Walkway.  Hataitai Beach is across the water.


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