Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Stars and Grins

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What is it about some film and television stars that make us go weak at the knees?   Not all the time, not even in every movie or series.  Just every now and then.   I have two actors that I don't particularly care all that much for - Tom Cruise and Simon 'The Mentalist' Baker - and under normal circumstances I can take them or leave them.   But then, oh dear, these men grin ..... 

It's not fair.  I go to a Tom Cruise movie because I like action.  Cruise doesn't stir me one iota until I see that grin of his.  And I turn into a puddle.  Thank heavens he didn't show so much as even a smile in "Jack Reacher"; I came out of that theatre without one heart flutter.

I've told my friends over the years that I don't go for blonde men.  And then Simon Baker came along.  And grinned out to me from the tv screen.  Puddle-time. 

Baker is in a series of tv commercials here in New Zealand (and I presume also in Australia) for the ANZ Bank (Australia New Zealand).  He grins in them.  Damn.

SIXTH SWIM TODAY FOR MAY! - We went yesterday,too.  Hataitai Beach rules.....

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