Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun at Hataitai Beach

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J and I got in our 7th - seventh! - swim at Hataitai Beach for May yesterday.   25 minutes.  It was truly lovely in the water.  The sea was as flat as a pancake.  There wasn't a breath of wind.  'Thong Man' was there - when will this geriatric guy ever wake up to the fact that a thong is not the right attire to wear at the beach in front of two female retirees (me and J)?  It just doesn't do anything for us!    Now, if Tom Cruise and Simon Baker were to turn up in just thongs and smiles, I would certainly perk up.

As my four readers know by now, when J and I swim in the winter we just sort of do baby strokes, swimming leisurely side-by-side talking about anything that takes our fancy.  We call it our 'committee meeting'. 

Yesterday, a Wellington City Council painter was working on the outside of the changing shed.  There is no window,  instead there's a window-size group of wooden slats high up on the wall to let air in.  As J and I were comfortably swimming away conducting our committee meeting I got to ruminating about the painting.

"Hey, I wonder if those slats on the shed are like venetian blinds?" I said to J.  "You know, if you slat them a certain way, you can see perfectly through them?  Oh, do you think the painter can see through them down into the women's changing room?"

"NO!" came a loud voice from way across the water.  The painter waved at us.

Oh dear.....  When did painter guys get perfect hearing?   And it wasn't as if we were even close to him.  We were swimming out as far as the third tree.(Usually I swim in line with the fourth tree).

We returned giggling hysterically to the changing sheds to get dressed, pretty cold, and with numb fingers and toes.    I said to J:  "Gosh, my fingers are so cold, I can't do up my bra."

A voice came wafting down through the slats.  "It's a good thing I can't see you...."

Haha.  The painter was such a cad!

The far bank at Hataitai Beach.  The tallest tree is the one I usually swim across the bay to and, then,  back again to the changing sheds.  Then repeat again, and again, etc.  It's lane-swimming without the lanes.

What a pity this starfish, yesterday, was all scrunched up by the time I got to my camera.  He was so beautiful too look at in true starfish form.

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