Thursday, May 9, 2013

Busy Day - shopping,swimming, star trekking, more shopping!

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Goodness, a 'working' day for a retiree is truly hard...   Farmers' Department Store opened at 8 am today with a 50% off women's clothing sale.  I was on the doorstep in their Lambton Quay town shop by 9 a.m.   I took my car and, naughty me, I parked in the disability carpark across the road from Farmers.  My sore heel and my torn ligament ankle really only hurt after I've been sitting down for a time or when I wake up in the morning.  I haven't parked in a mobility park for about 6 weeks - even though I have the precious card for my window -  because I don't think I truly need it any more,  This time, I had to show limp as I left my car (go on, slap my hand for this deliberate transgression).

I was paid back though, because returning to my car, I tripped up some stairs at Farmers and stubbed my big toe.,  I limped genuinely all the way back to my vehicle.  Sigh.

I raced to the beach and J and I had our fourth swim for May.  Phewwww - made it, our minimum per month for 2013 is four swims.

Then I hared to the movies to see "Star Trek: Into Darkness"   I believe we're getting the movie a week before America.  Na-na-na-na-na!!!   I enjoyed it, but then as many people know, I'm probably the biggest Star Trek fan in New Zealand - no, wait! -  I don't mean I'm  a big fan in relation to weight.  I mean -   Aw, go on, you know what I mean, yes?   The movie had many sly winks and nods to classic Trek.

After the movie, I hopped in the car and shot over to Farmers in Kilbirnie (well, I couldn't resist).  This time I visited the changing rooms three times,   It was after five in the afternoon when I exited the shop.  But I did meet another swimmer from Hataitai Beach and she said she reads this blog.  I'm very excited - I now have, perhaps, four readers!

Here are a couple of views from the Maupuia hill looking down over a part of Miramar.   The complex in the front is Weta Workshop in Camperdown Road,

Below is Park Road Post Production

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