Tuesday, May 21, 2013

8th swim, Hataitai Beach

Hi there

J and I completed our eight swim for May at Hataitai Beach yesterday.  The trouble is we enjoy our swims so much that we egg each other on with "just another up-and-down, eh?"   Every time before stepping into the water, I say "I might only do one up-and-down today".....  It never works out that way.

The water in winter feels really great once we get over the initial plopping down into the sea but when we get out and we're in the changing shed, we start shaking and shivering, and our fingers and toes don't function very well, and we can't do up things, or pull things down over our shoulders.  For the next couple of hours we are so cold that we have to drink umpteen bowls of soup and cups of tea and with our hands wound tightly around the cup, bowl, or mug to get some sort of warmth into our fingers. 

More often than not, I go to Countdown supermarket straight after a swim, dressed up like an eskimo when other shoppers are in more lighter attire and I always seem to be hunting for something in  the cold food aisle - it suddenly feels like I'm in Alaska.  Poor (cold) me.

It's my fingers that feel the worst after a swim and, also, actually when I'm swimming.    I must see if I can get (don't laugh) some sort of waterproof (warm) gloves.

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